Kingfisher Church is a group of people who have been changed by Jesus Christ and want to live together for him.

Jesus Christ has solved our biggest problem by reconciling us to God. He came, roughly 2000 years ago, and proved himself to be God on earth. His mission was to make God known and accomplish God’s salvation. He did this through his life of perfect obedience to his Father, his sacrificial death in the place of sinful men and women, and his victorious resurrection from the dead. Jesus is the saviour of all who put their trust in him.

This is good news for a broken world. Jesus has dealt with God’s anger at sin and reconciled us to himself. He has cleansed us from our guilt and shame, opened the way to eternal life, and has given his Holy Spirit to enable us to live for him. One day he will come again, and all things will be made new, until that time, the church continues to tell others this good news.

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