Accessibility & Privacy


The Kingfisher church website has only recently launched and we plan to make additions and improvements to the site over the coming months.

Usable and accessible

It is our hope that the Kingfisher Church website is both usable and accessible to all of our website visitors. Further work will be completed to ensure that this is the case.

Using the tab key you are able to navigate through the various links on the Kingfisher Church website. The current link will be highlighted. To move backwards, hold down Shift and press the Tab key at the same time.

Supported browsers

The website has been built with web standards and every effort has been made to ensure that the content is accessible in all browsers. Some functionality, however, may not be available on older, less capable browsers.

We will continue to test this website on a variety of popular computers, tablets and mobile devices.


Maintaining any website is an on-going process and we still have work to do. If you have any problems using this website, or suggestions for improvement, please contact Kingfisher Church.


Privacy and cookies

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer and these are used on the Kingfisher Church website to collect data about how the site is being used, and how it can be improved.

Kingfisher Church both values and respects your privacy – our cookies are not used to identify you personally