1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

The Bible is our final authority and all our beliefs, including those stated in creeds and confessions, are subject to the scrutiny of Scripture.  We consider the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith to be a faithful summary of Bible doctrine and we use it as a teaching standard for the church.  This is to help guide our teaching by connecting doctrine across the breadth of Scripture; provide clarity to what is taught; and guard against misreading of Scripture.  We encourage Bible teaching to carefully deal with the text of Scripture and, when appropriate, to explain alternative views.

The confession can be read at this website: https://1689londonbaptistconfession.com/ 

Some minor exceptions are noted below.

Chapter 22, paragraph 7&8.  We consider there to be both continuity and discontinuity between the Sabbath in the Old Testament and the Lord’s Day in the New Testament.  We do not believe that all recreation is necessarily excluded; we hold different convictions about how to apply the fourth commandment in Christ.

Chapter 26, paragraph 4.  We consider that the identification of the Pope of Rome with the antichrist referred to in, for example, 2 Thess. 2:2-9, to be conditioned by the time in history when the confession was formulated and not derived from the text.

Chapter 26, paragraph 9.  When Paul says to the Ephesian elders that they were made overseers by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28), we recognise that the Spirit works in all the regenerate / church members to identify suitably qualified men.  Potential elders are proposed to the members and time is given for prayer and consultation; however we do not vote rather we seek to move forward in unity.